How to take cheek swabs

After you have watched the Animal Health Trust video
please scroll down the page to request your swab kit

N.B. The AHT does not do DNA testing for crd3
Testing for crd3 is done at Optigen & Biofocus
Please click here for more information about testing for crd3

Request a swab kit

To request a swab kit (one kit per Glen), please email the Animal Heath Trust:

Subject:Swab kit request
NamePlease provide your title and first & last names
AddressPlease provide your full postal address including post / zip code & country
Number of kitsPlease indicate the number of swab kits you require (one kit per Glen)

Contributions to the DNA Archive are welcome from non-UK resident Glens, as well as those living in the UK … from Glens of all ages and health status.

Thank you very much for your valued support!

Contents of the swab kit

  • ​5 x individually packaged long-handled swabs with nylon-on-wire brush
  • Envelope for your Glen's swabs
  • Sample Submission Form
  • Swab Sample Collection Procedure
  • Addressed envelope to return the swabs & paperwork to the AHT
  • Details of how to make a voluntary donation

Please click here to view the contents of the swab kit.

Six Glen puppies fast asleep in their basket